Sunday, May 3, 2009

Again with the cold?

You probably will not be able to tell Emmeline has another cold. But to her momma this picture shows her little eyes swollen and red, weepy and congested. So if you have been wondering why there have been no new entries ... baby with a cold taking all our attention.

On a more colorful note Chloe went to a fun birthday party last weekend. The girls went on a scavenger hunt at a local mall. One objective they had was to give the Queen for the Day a makeover. They look so happy and energetic in these shots!

It is fun to see Chloe smiling and being silly, because she is really working hard right now. She is acting attorney in her class mock trial; she is on the track team; she just completed piano exams; she is in cabaret which practices during the weeks & on Saturdays and Sundays; she just won the district spelling bee and has the county bee coming up. I don't think eighth grade was like this when I was in junior high.

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