Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bumpy times with the Bumpo

My good friend Kim, who moved to Alaska last year and who I really miss, gave me her daughter's Bumpo before they left. She raved about it, sure my baby would love the Bumpo as her daughter did.

All I can tell you is Emmeline is not a fan of the Bumpo! She will tolerate it for about 60 seconds, then straightens her body like a ruler and wants out. Oh well. At least it's an adequate baby holder for a quick picture.

Here I am again. I really don't like this much!

Oh my mommy is so silly, maybe I'll sit here for a quick second.

Wow, you should get a look at the funny faces my mommy can make!

She is making me smile!

Mommy, time's up!

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Final Day

It's the last day of spring break, and parents across our state are rejoicing! Seriously, after a long, rainy Thursday -- did I mention it was LONG? -- we had some brief clearing today and I forced the kids outside, where they played so nicely together. Sweetly even, like kittens.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lego Chronicles

Hi, as the world knows I am Piglet. I have lived with these kids for a LONG time. Since 1995. Once there was also an Eeyore and Pooh. Eeyore was deemed too sad to have around and for Pooh ... well, let's just say a being a birthday cake topper was his final show. They only get us out on rare occasions now, spring break and the like.

"Dude, what are you doing on the floor? Monkeys don't do that!
"I dunno, the young guy just dropped me! That always happens..."

"Auuugh, my aching legs. I have been sitting here for days on end. Probably will go back in the box before I get straightened out again, too. And dog, stop watching me! I would let you out if I could!"

"Oh rats. Thought I would be safe from the animals up here, but now I realize I stepped on the transformer! Where will they take me next?"

"Haven't seen you around much. Where have you been?"
"In the back of the girls' sock drawer. It stinks to be the coveted Lego Indian Chief!
"I know what you mean -- I was lost under the Suburban's car seat for all of 1999."
"At least they kept the pot warm for us."
"Yeah, for kids they're not so bad. At least they're done standing us up in playdough. We always smelled like Kool Aide afterwards."
"I hear they have a new one!"
"Don't worry, she'll be all alone as she grows up, no one to collaborate with."
"I'm not so sure. She looks crafty to me."
"Better here with her than at that preschool they almost gave us to!"
"Yeah, you got a point there."

Ramona by Beverly Cleary

We don't live anywhere near this park. It's a long drive, even longer with a crying baby in the car. But, it's spring break and we are staycationing. A long drive was in order.

Burning off pent up energy

This park intersects Klickitat Street. If you have read any Ramona in your life you will recall it is whereupon she and her buddies made a ruckus. Gotta love that Ramona Quimby! Nolan polished off all the Cleary books last year, so time to visit the neighborhood.

Nolan and the infamous Ribsy

Nolan and Ramona

Brian and Otis Spofford

Two of my girls and Ramona, who would probably fit right in
EDIT: Statue of the boy is actually Henry Huggins, not Otis Spofford.

She's a GIRL-- Part II

She's a GIRL for crying out loud!


I am getting tired of people calling Emmeline a boy. Yesterday my friend, who was at Emmeline's baby shower, came over and said, "What a cute baby boy! He's so cute!" I said, "She's a girl!" to which my friend said, "Oh, I knew that but when I looked at her face she looked like a boy!" OK, not helping!

So, in reaction to my insulted maternal pride here are some new pictures of Emmeline. She looks girly to me!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fort Vancouver

Today we visited Fort Vancouver. The weather cooperated and the kids had a good time.

Nolan making friends with the carpenter

We were in awe of the huge bellows hanging from the ceiling in the blacksmith's shop

In the kitchen -- they were making salmon

In the kitchen with a super-friendly volunteer

To the lookout!

The bakery was a separate building from the kitchen. Check out those ovens!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ahhh, legumes

I recently read The Urban Hermit, a memoir by Sam Macdonald. I really love memoirs in general, but I can't say I recommend it -- his language is so foul is just gets wearisome. Essentially, a smart man never gets past his drinking habit, and thus finds himself with no great job, no house and lots of weight and debt. He devises a master plan to lose weight and stop spending. Both these goals are ultimately reached in large part by eating tuna, cheese, and beans. Eat cheap food, just the basics.

I, too, in my past have lived for a period of time on a diet of mostly legumes. Let me tell you, they are an appetite squelcher. They are dirt cheap and taste like it. In their favor they are incredibly filling -- after all, how many bowls of lentils can one person eat in a day? Listen to me here, you don't want to eat more than two servings at a time, no matter how hungry you are. Just trust me.

None of my kids will eat any type of bean. Not in a taco. Not in a burrito. Not even Boston Baked Bean Candies packaged in that little brick red box! I am hoping with Emmeline I can train her early enough to develop a liking for them. Lentils in particular are appealing from a nutritional standpoint. And I have seen then cleverly shaped to resemble a meatloaf. Still ... they are beans, so I won't hold my breath. Of course if all six kids DO start eating beans I really will need to hold my breath!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cutest Booties Ever and Baby Toes

A big thanks to my friend Janet for the cute booties!

Don't you just want to eat up these toesies! I'll do it for you!

My favorite - showing a little wee leg!

Free kids' glasses at Target

We don't have a SuperTarget around here (thank heavens for that, because every time I go to Target I leave with more than I meant to buy!), but pass this along if you know someone who can benefit from the offer!!!

FREE High Quality Eyeglasses for Kids!!!!!!
I just stumbled across an AWESOME deal!!!!! If you have kids 12 and under, and have an eyeglass prescription that's less than a year old, right now SuperTarget will give you a TOTALLY FREE PAIR OF GLASSES!!! I'm in Missouri, but it sounds like they are doing it all over the country - I recommend calling to make sure your SuperTarget is participating, just in case.I just got back home from taking both of my glasses-wearing kids to my local SuperTarget with their prescriptions. They got to pick from all of the $79.99 frames (that's the max for the free deal). After picking out the frames, we ordered the glasses. The associate explained that the lenses are their top-of-the-line polycarbonate lenses with UV protection, anti-glare coating, and anti-scratch protection. The total price of each pair, without the promotion, would have been just over $300! You don't need a coupon or anything - just go in and ask for the free pair of kids' glasses. This is a promotion that started last Thursday. The associate said that corporate sent an email down to all the stores stating that it is a test promotion and they are not sure when it will end. What a DEAL!!! S run to your local SuperTarget with an Optical department and get your child a free pair of glasses. You will probably never find this deal again! I haven't seen it anywhere on the internet, so I hope I'm sharing exciting news with everyone!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Grocery Game

Hmm, everyone is eating! How 'bout me?

I recently discovered an online coupon format called The Grocery Game. I think I am the only household CEO who didn't know about this!

Essentially, you sign on their website, enter your zip code, and select several supermarkets. Then, you can access an online list of specials, deals, Sunday only prices, etc. offered by those stores.

The kicker is they amass the coupons in the Sunday mailers and compile them into lists, and then cross match the coupons to the store specials. For example, if granola bars are on sale this week with a store coupon for a price of $.99, the Grocery Game points you to the same granola bar coupon in the Sunday mailer and the end price is $0.00.

Right now I am in a free trial period, but I think I might pay the small fee to be a member. It is not impacting my weekly menu planning, but I am stock piling things for very little cost. And, since I am a buyer of diapers I am without doubt finding the best deals on those (was directed to a $5.00 off Huggies coupon and then informed they were on sale at Walgreens (which I don't frequent since it's too far away).

Anyone out there have family grocery tips?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Second Grader

Nolan's second grade class invited parents in for a Potlatch to celebrate their learning about Native American Indian tribes.

He did a fantastic job teaching the grown ups and other visitors about "his" tribe. He enjoyed rattling off facts about how they lived. They also wrote out quite an extensive essay about their tribe.

His art teacher supported the event by helping the children make masks. Nolan's is the red one with the yellow ear. It is hard to see in the picture, but he attached long pieces of yarn with beads tied on them.

Here Nolan is showing how Native Americans might have decorated their clothes.

Very neat and well planned clay pieces on another group's Indian village.

Nolan's group made great boats ready to go out into the water.

Doesn't their class look great? Gee, the only thing I remember about second grade is staying in with Mrs. Waterfield to practice writing "friend" because I couldn't remember if the I or the E came first! Kudos to Mr. A. for making this year so wonderful for my son, and the other students as well.

Where did this DNA come from Part II

Nolan is still at it, offering to help and cheering up the joint! The Best Peeler around!

And the following morning made pancakes! FROM SCRATCH!