Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Grocery Game

Hmm, everyone is eating! How 'bout me?

I recently discovered an online coupon format called The Grocery Game. I think I am the only household CEO who didn't know about this!

Essentially, you sign on their website, enter your zip code, and select several supermarkets. Then, you can access an online list of specials, deals, Sunday only prices, etc. offered by those stores.

The kicker is they amass the coupons in the Sunday mailers and compile them into lists, and then cross match the coupons to the store specials. For example, if granola bars are on sale this week with a store coupon for a price of $.99, the Grocery Game points you to the same granola bar coupon in the Sunday mailer and the end price is $0.00.

Right now I am in a free trial period, but I think I might pay the small fee to be a member. It is not impacting my weekly menu planning, but I am stock piling things for very little cost. And, since I am a buyer of diapers I am without doubt finding the best deals on those (was directed to a $5.00 off Huggies coupon and then informed they were on sale at Walgreens (which I don't frequent since it's too far away).

Anyone out there have family grocery tips?

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