Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lego Chronicles

Hi, as the world knows I am Piglet. I have lived with these kids for a LONG time. Since 1995. Once there was also an Eeyore and Pooh. Eeyore was deemed too sad to have around and for Pooh ... well, let's just say a being a birthday cake topper was his final show. They only get us out on rare occasions now, spring break and the like.

"Dude, what are you doing on the floor? Monkeys don't do that!
"I dunno, the young guy just dropped me! That always happens..."

"Auuugh, my aching legs. I have been sitting here for days on end. Probably will go back in the box before I get straightened out again, too. And dog, stop watching me! I would let you out if I could!"

"Oh rats. Thought I would be safe from the animals up here, but now I realize I stepped on the transformer! Where will they take me next?"

"Haven't seen you around much. Where have you been?"
"In the back of the girls' sock drawer. It stinks to be the coveted Lego Indian Chief!
"I know what you mean -- I was lost under the Suburban's car seat for all of 1999."
"At least they kept the pot warm for us."
"Yeah, for kids they're not so bad. At least they're done standing us up in playdough. We always smelled like Kool Aide afterwards."
"I hear they have a new one!"
"Don't worry, she'll be all alone as she grows up, no one to collaborate with."
"I'm not so sure. She looks crafty to me."
"Better here with her than at that preschool they almost gave us to!"
"Yeah, you got a point there."

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