Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pink and Purple Perspective

Longtime readers, you may remember my previous notes about shopping at Winco with toddleresque Emmeline.  

Things have improved.  No longer do I suffer her screaming fits and escapist maneuvers.   Mostly she is a delightful, singing little buddy who is fairly easy going.   I'm not to the point of shopping for set menus with her along, but it's markedly easier than ten months ago.

Today at Winco a hint of spring was in the air, as much as that is possible in Oregon in February.  Tulips and daffodils were for sale and the sun was peeked through the cloud masses.  Enchanted and somewhat dazed by the nice day I was shamelessly drawn to some pretty pastel Jordan Almonds in the bulk foods section.   Emmeline clambered about the pink ones, and I filled a bag to the tippy top, twisty-tied it off, and moved on to secure some Chex mix (by the way, Winco Chex mix is nothing like the real stuff).

Now, remember, at Winco one must bag their own groceries.  So there I was, bagging, bagging, and bagging away, up and over $200. worth, and suddenly I heard a swwwooooosh.  A weird sound, which I didn't immediately identify until I looked at Emmeline holding the bag that at one time contained Jordan almonds.  Ohhh Nooo!   At my feet were several hundred spinning, spring colored candies.

The cashier, of course, noticed the spill.  I cannot but see the hilarity in the situation and call out, "Clean up in aisle three!!!" hoping to lighten her mood.  Fail.  She instead lumbered off, returning with a broom & dustpan. Still amazed at the ridiculous sight of pastel almonds scattered near and far, I remarked with Emmeline how all the almonds fell out, which made her laugh, too.  Giggles and candied almonds everywhere.

A young man in the next aisle noticed the commotion and stooped to pick up almonds with me.   He, too, saw the humor and was an ever-cheerful clean up partner.  I was struck by how young he was; late twenties maybe.  

In my late twenties I would not have found hundreds of candies spilled by my own child's hand to have any humor in it.   I would have reeled with chagrin at my child's clumsiness.  Now, at over 40, I know there are so many things far more serious and worse than wasted Jordan almonds.

Perspective.  It's a good thing.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear World

Ahem.   In the last month I have been snarked at three times.

1)   While picking up son from spending the night here, the mother of my son's friend said, "Wow, your kids don't look neglected at all.  They're not dirty."   I looked at her and waited for more fascinating remarks, but she merely gathered her son and they left.  Hmmmm ... be sure to come back soon!

2)   Our much adored neighbor asked me one night during Hell Hour, "She's always screaming.  Every time I see her she's screaming.  Does she ever stop?"   Why yes, she does have periods of time when she is not screaming.  Like during her 20 minute nap.

3)  I let my darling two year old walk by herself in our school parking lot.   Full of cars.  Yes, I was watching.  No, there was not even a close call.  Cars were frozen still.  It was a straight line from where I set her down to the playground.  Again, all cars frozen still.   And I caught holy heck from another mom who watched my toddler toddle alone.  My public shaming ended with, "You should pick her up.  She's worth it!"   I know she's worth it.  She wanted to walk and I thought it was safe enough.   No one has yet died under my supervision (ok maybe a beta fish  - RIP Ruby!).   Or been hit by a car, bit by a dog, stabbed in the eye with scissors/pencils/drum sticks, or shoved a bean/peanut/eraser up their nose.  

Enough!  These remarks are not helpful.  Keep them to yourselves!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

2005 - 2010

In five quick years:

Still as sweet, quick and kind as ever.  This girl is a jewel.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Community Gardens

There is a beautiful, massive community garden which borders a playground in our part of the city.   The produce is donated to Friendly Houses.  It is a good thing, and I take Emmeline there to wander amongst the plants and play.

Chloe tagged along recently and photographed these flowers:

And, my little spy captured me playing on the playground with Emmeline.  Cute.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Mila's Daydreams

Dear Readers:
If you want to see the most darling baby pictures EVER, here you go!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Well, a third of summer is gone. When asked how my summer is going, I hesitate how to respond. I love having my kids home, but summer is without a doubt high season. The kids eat, sleep, read, play, attend the occasion camp. I grocery shop, cook, drive, clean, grocery shop and cook more. The volume of food eaten in our house has boggled my mind; to the kids' merits they have been great about making what they can when needed -- the scrambled egg waffle sandwich is their new BFF.

We have taken some fun road trips. Take our jaunt to Mt. Rainier:

Our klassy campground had a cooler for elk and deer, in case we needed to store our kill.

There were many hours in the car ... many, many, many

You might note there are no pictures of Mt. Rainier here. That's because after driving allll that way the elusive mountain was completely socked in with near zero visibility. We made it into the national park lodge and couldn't see a darn thing out the windows. We hope to have better luck in Yellowstone National Park where we are headed next!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I'll be in my studio, studio ...