Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear World

Ahem.   In the last month I have been snarked at three times.

1)   While picking up son from spending the night here, the mother of my son's friend said, "Wow, your kids don't look neglected at all.  They're not dirty."   I looked at her and waited for more fascinating remarks, but she merely gathered her son and they left.  Hmmmm ... be sure to come back soon!

2)   Our much adored neighbor asked me one night during Hell Hour, "She's always screaming.  Every time I see her she's screaming.  Does she ever stop?"   Why yes, she does have periods of time when she is not screaming.  Like during her 20 minute nap.

3)  I let my darling two year old walk by herself in our school parking lot.   Full of cars.  Yes, I was watching.  No, there was not even a close call.  Cars were frozen still.  It was a straight line from where I set her down to the playground.  Again, all cars frozen still.   And I caught holy heck from another mom who watched my toddler toddle alone.  My public shaming ended with, "You should pick her up.  She's worth it!"   I know she's worth it.  She wanted to walk and I thought it was safe enough.   No one has yet died under my supervision (ok maybe a beta fish  - RIP Ruby!).   Or been hit by a car, bit by a dog, stabbed in the eye with scissors/pencils/drum sticks, or shoved a bean/peanut/eraser up their nose.  

Enough!  These remarks are not helpful.  Keep them to yourselves!