Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Free kids' glasses at Target

We don't have a SuperTarget around here (thank heavens for that, because every time I go to Target I leave with more than I meant to buy!), but pass this along if you know someone who can benefit from the offer!!!

FREE High Quality Eyeglasses for Kids!!!!!!
I just stumbled across an AWESOME deal!!!!! If you have kids 12 and under, and have an eyeglass prescription that's less than a year old, right now SuperTarget will give you a TOTALLY FREE PAIR OF GLASSES!!! I'm in Missouri, but it sounds like they are doing it all over the country - I recommend calling to make sure your SuperTarget is participating, just in case.I just got back home from taking both of my glasses-wearing kids to my local SuperTarget with their prescriptions. They got to pick from all of the $79.99 frames (that's the max for the free deal). After picking out the frames, we ordered the glasses. The associate explained that the lenses are their top-of-the-line polycarbonate lenses with UV protection, anti-glare coating, and anti-scratch protection. The total price of each pair, without the promotion, would have been just over $300! You don't need a coupon or anything - just go in and ask for the free pair of kids' glasses. This is a promotion that started last Thursday. The associate said that corporate sent an email down to all the stores stating that it is a test promotion and they are not sure when it will end. What a DEAL!!! S run to your local SuperTarget with an Optical department and get your child a free pair of glasses. You will probably never find this deal again! I haven't seen it anywhere on the internet, so I hope I'm sharing exciting news with everyone!


Susan said...

And... Super Targets have some of the cutest frames around!!!

lynne said...

I wish I would have found this post sooner as my Target said the deal has ended. I did find some cute frames though, so not a complete loss :)