Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ramona by Beverly Cleary

We don't live anywhere near this park. It's a long drive, even longer with a crying baby in the car. But, it's spring break and we are staycationing. A long drive was in order.

Burning off pent up energy

This park intersects Klickitat Street. If you have read any Ramona in your life you will recall it is whereupon she and her buddies made a ruckus. Gotta love that Ramona Quimby! Nolan polished off all the Cleary books last year, so time to visit the neighborhood.

Nolan and the infamous Ribsy

Nolan and Ramona

Brian and Otis Spofford

Two of my girls and Ramona, who would probably fit right in
EDIT: Statue of the boy is actually Henry Huggins, not Otis Spofford.

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