Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let us high to the playground ...

Chloe had her spelling bee yesterday. I could say she was one of 8 out of 60,000 students, but that is totally misleading since there are only 31 in her entire grade. And, there is one 8th grade class in our tiny district. So, she was there representing her district of 31. It was actually Chloe herself who pointed this out to me. Still -- my kid is in a spelling bee! Whoo Hoo!

Anyway, about three words into the gig the adult giving the test said, "High. Let us high to the playground before chores. High." Huh? The parents looked around. High? Can that be right?

Actually it is spelled HIE. Hie.

Learned something new! And by the way Chloe did not place, but was given a $30. gift card to Powells Bookstore.

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