Thursday, May 14, 2009

This doesn't really count, does it?

This morning was only marginally better than yesterday's.

Nolan got up at 5:40 am to get ready for his field trip to the Oregon coast. The bus was to leave at 8. Never mind, up and at 'em mom, dad, and Emmeline. Time's a wasting.

Nolan cried for a loooong time when I explained I would drive him to school at 7:45, not 6:15, to play on the playground and wait for the bus. Cried loudly, and all morning. My remark that the "hat" requirement on the gear list does not mean a $.05 black plastic magician's top hat received at a birthday party only added to the growling.

At 7:40 I asked Suzanna if she had brushed her teeth and if she wanted a ride to school. Yes, she wanted a ride, and she would be right down after cleaning her chompers.

7:45, baby in carseat in car, Nolan moving around boosters in car. General mayhem and by now I have quite a headache. I call out, "All set?" and get an "All set" reply. Close the garage door and off we go.

7:48 I pull up to the school and Nolan hops out. A group of his classmates actually cheers when they see him, and I see Nolan grin ear to ear. I say aloud, "Second grade boys are so cute!". I do not get a response, but barely notice since I am most importantly driving and looking for young children who might have strayed into the road.

7:49 I pull into the school drop off line and say aloud, "Bye Suzanna, have a great day!"

No opening of the door, no response at all.

I turn in the car. There is only Emmeline. I think that Suzanna must have jumped out with Nolan, and gone behind my car instead of in front so I didn't see her. I chuckle aloud at how goofy and tired I am. I am a little embarrassed the parents behind me in "drop off "will see no children leaving my car. No matter, I have done worse. I slowly slink off.

Once I get home I carry baby inside and say, again aloud, "Emmeline, let's go find Chloe." We turn the corner and there, on the couch, is a Super. Grumpy. Suzanna. I stared at her in utter confusion.

Readers, you no doubt have already figured out the obvious. I had left her behind. But, her 14.5 year old sister was home so it doesn't count as complete abandonment, does it??? Please help a mom out here and answer me with a resounding NO, or better yet a story of your own mistake!!!

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