Wednesday, May 20, 2009

That'll teach me

Miss Little Baby is throwing her (15 lb.) weight around:

Today a contractor came to bid on a repair we need to have done. We do not *want* to have it done ... just needs to be fixed. Anyway, the entire time I was attempting to talk with him about the details of the project Emmeline was loud and complain-y. Not crying. Just loudly repeating one noise, pausing to take breaths then starting again.

I carried her. I tried to set her in her high chair with some Cheerios. I tried putting her in her jump up. I offered her water. I checked her diaper. Literally, her vocalizations were so loud they hurt my ears. Contractor kept looking at me like I should be able to quiet her. I couldn't.

Contractor was patient up to a point, then said he would email the quote. There were questions I wanted to ask that didn't get answered.

After he closed the door and left Emmeline was perfectly quiet. I said, "Emmeline, I actually needed to talk to him!" She smiled, looked me in the eye and said, "HEH!"

She was a cheerful bird from the minute he left. What I HOPE is she is having "man phobia" which my oldest daughter also had as a baby -- any man besides Daddy was scary. That makes sense, right? She's not showing signs of manipulative powers beyond her age, right?


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