Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's an Oregon thing

There are a lot of places to eat in Oregon which have character. This place takes the cake:
For starters, Sasquatch yes, Sasquatch, meets you at the door. In Oregon Bigfoot is Big Stuff.

This poor logger seems to have lost a leg!!!

Above is an old article from the Oregonian about Paul Bunyan. I didn't read it but wanted to share the photo and size of the logs. I have seen log trucks like this my entire life, but readers you might not have!

These boys have ties on to practice shimmying up trees. I kid you not.

No eatery is complete without ye ole' stuffed cougar!!! In the outskirts of Portland there are cougars -- some elementary schools periodically close due to cougars stalking kids!
A special Oregon ambiance

In our state people like to paint on antique hand saws and then prominently display them. In their homes. How about where you live?


Gretchen said...

Colorado is painted-saw land, too. Dead animal heads are also a nice decorating touch in certain corners of the state.

I've never been to Oregon, but it's on my list. I imagine so much green it hurts.

gretchen said...

Okay, this is weird - two Gretchen's in a row!

I'm afraid in Los Angeles people tend to use their old handsaws to dismember their fellow gang members after they've shot them. I'd rather have the dead animal heads!