Friday, August 28, 2009

Hands off, Ladies

A note to the general public: do not touch my baby. I do not care that you are a grandma and have a grand daughter in Oklahoma. It is still not okay to touch my infant without an explicit invitation. Have you seen the news? There is this tiny thing called the swine flu going around. If you have just gotten off an airplane and have been in close quarters for any period of time I do not want you to touch my baby while we wait for our luggage. I really don't.

If you touch her you can expect my eyes to narrow and flash, and I will yank her away. If you persist I will walk away. When I say, "Please don't touch her" that is what I mean. I know she is cute. But she is not yours for the touching. And I know you are a nice person who likes cute babies. But touching babies during a flu pandemic is a bad idea.

Please, don't touch my baby!


elizabeth embracing life said...

For the first few months of each of my baby's little lives I wore my BabyBjorn. Sorry keep your hands off my baby, with or without a flu virus was the rule. I know they are cute and precious, but at least ask and be willing to accept my no. I loved this post.

Sharon said...

OH I SOOOOOO AGREE!!!! My daughter was our hospital's 1st suspected H1N1 case. Oh, what drama!! All the details are on my blog. I was checking out your blog and this post naturally caught my eye because of our experience. A big thank you!
Good stuff!

Sharon said...

oh, my website is! thanks