Sunday, August 2, 2009

Eight Vagabonds

We just returned from an action packed weekend at the Oregon beach, where it was a lovely 73' instead of Portland's blistering 105'. How lucky for us that last January I booked this weekend at a coast KOA (we had never tried a KOA before!), so while many Portlanders were trying to find places to stay we had a *cozy* KOA cabin awaiting our arrival. Ahhh, fog and mist! Wind, I have missed you so! Moe's clam chowder? Filler up!

No pictures to upload yet because dad has the camera, and HE is STILL at the beach! I drove home early with baby and biggest sis because poor little one was having a devil of a time there. After dinner she got so sleepy I made the ultimate decision to just drive home while she slept. It worked -- she slept all the way back and is asleep now in her crib, a little angel.

Pictures coming soon .... I know that is the real reason you are here!

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