Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kamping Kraziness

Let me begin by stating two things: First, Emmeline does not like to ride in the car. She thrashes her body about like a trout out of water, and *loudly* complains. The ride to the beach was no exception.

Second, kamping at a KOA sends kamping into a whole new dimension of krazy awesomeness.
Here is an older man katching some sun outside the office. Scratch that, he is actually a pasty mannequin strategically placed to terrorize young children.

Our 350 sq. ft. kabin was kute; just the thing for eight people to eek into
(note to self, rent two kabins next time)

Nolan made friends with every child at the kampground. I realized we were becoming the notorious Kabin Four when, while walking to the restroom, I heard him announce he has four sister and a brother, and his big sister starts high school this year. By every early morning he was dressed and outside, rounding up everyone for badminton (by knocking on kabin doors). He sang in the evening sing alongs. He played every game they had. He came in third in the limbo kontest. He had ice kream at the ice kream social.
He was the very definiton of a Happy KOA'er.

Kute Kabins

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