Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Late summer fun

I usually am a gigantic party pooper when it comes to my kids playing with the hose. I just don't like it; seems like such a waste and then the hose is almost always left on to at least a trickle. BUT due to our 10 days of 90+ weather I have loosened up a bit. Or the kids are ignoring me. It couldn't possibly be that.

Anticipating the burst

What have I done??? She's going to cream me!

Yep, she got him good (using my souffle dish - long missing, how did she find it? You know I would have been making make souffle from scratch once a week)

She who rules the hose will be obeyed

Why sure I'll fill your bucket for you
His fate is sealed
A wet recovery

An attack from the back

All's fair when it comes to soaking your sibling

Note: I can't get the spacing right. I type it correctly and it publishes wonky. Driving me nuts and I don't have time to fix it!

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