Monday, August 10, 2009

long weekend travels

Three months ago I rented a cabin in eastern Oregon for this last weekend. It was a long drive, but quite a memorable trip:

Inside the Red Lion in Pendleton

Our cabin was charming


The creek behind the cabin

Normal traffic in Joseph

Devil's Canyon, Oregon ... deeper than the Grand Canyon, but smaller overall. And waaay more boring. Seriously, don't go here. Long drive, small reward. Trust me. Don't do it.


On tram to Eagle Cap Wilderness Area. Wallowa Lake seen above.

Everyone enjoyed the alpine scenery

The hills are alive ... with the sound ... of mysixkids ...

He's on top of the world at 8100 feet

Waiting for chipmunks to climb up on them

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elizabeth embracing life said...

Great pictures and I love your "don't do it" comment. We just came back from central oregon and enjoyed the drive through the high dessert part. The dramatic ridges are amazing.