Friday, February 20, 2009

Where did this DNA come from?

This is a picture of Nolan helping me prepare dinner. He offered to help me! This is not as much an indication of his helpful age, but more of the fact that he loves food. Unusual food. Foods like calamari, crab, coconut and shrimp.

My other kids do not fall into this category of exotic food lover. Nope, in them we have tiny eaters, picky eaters, no meat eaters, and just-give-me-a-cheeseburger eaters. If something new comes across their plates they gape in disbelief and want an extensive 411 on what the offending new food is, and exactly how it was prepared.

Nolan, on the other hand, wants to buy shrimp from the back of pick up trucks, grab coconuts just because they are available, and covets chestnuts ... yes, roasted chestnuts. In fact, I believe buying roasted chestnuts from a kiosk was his highlight of our recent trip to NYC.

Unfortunately the poor little cute guy has me for a mother. Someone who believes the fewer ingredients the better the food will taste, and who believes in buying locally. This ends up producing a predictable, albeit healthy, menu. I can only hope his interest in food and cuisine remains ... after all it does give me some happy help in the kitchen!

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