Friday, February 27, 2009


I keep this picture from a magazine on my bathroom mirror. I see it every day.

Look at it again. See that woman? Don't let her killer abs distract you from the really impressive part. She is running up a hill with a metal leg attached to a blade for a foot. See her expression? She does not pity her situation. She meets it head on and takes it for a jog.

When I first saw this picture I stared at it. To me she is a pefect example of human perseverence. When I am discouraged, negative, whiney, achey, I remember this woman and she encourages me to push on.

Who are your heroes, your points of inspiration? Have you ever told them? The few times I have slowed to tell someone, "I really admire the way you _____" I am always glad I did. Try it!

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Page Turner said...

This is an excellent post. Thank you.