Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The mind of an 11 year old boy

Doesn't he look adorable? Innocent, even?

This sweetie pie nearly set the school on fire last week. I delivered their lunches straight from Noah's Bagels -- not because I am a Really Nice Mom, but because I am Sometimes Too Tired to get Lunches Packed Mom. Brian and two of his sisters are in the second shift of lunch, and since the bagel dogs had been sitting there for 25 minutes, apparently Brian thought it would be great to warm his bagel dog in the microwave. His big sister's bagel dog, too.

Unfortunately for the cafeteria microwave and the food it contained, the aluminum wrapper was not removed before the cooking began. Apparently Brian gave Chloe a big smile and said, "I'm warming your lunch for you!", whereupon Chloe noticed a FIRE in the microwave!

In small schools any type of fire in the cafeteria microwave is big, big news. The Main Lunch Lady was alerted. Water was deployed. And two kids went hungry.

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