Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Turning forty!

I knew this day would come. A lady nicely asked me today if I was Emmeline's GRANDMA.


Now, I am still 39 although this is the month I turn 40. As in, "Hey mom, I'm FOURteen, Emmeline is FOUR months old and you are turning FORty." The indignity of it all!!!


Gina said...

Awesome page!

Page Turner said...

I too turned 40 this year. It's a milestone, for certain! I tell everyone within earshot my age because I like to see their reaction (I don't appear 40 I guess). Embrace your've more than earned it!

--Tumbleweed said...

I can relate. A woman at my work asked me if I'd had my baby yet, 8 months after he was born. I wish I'd said, "Really? I know I'm not Twiggy, but do you have to ask me that? Even if you aren't sure, you couldn't have waited and asked someone else? Thanks. No, seriously -- thanks for being so kind." I just smiled and said yes.

I'm an "older" mom, too (37). I figure it's a matter of time until someone asks me the same thing, especially since I sleep about 12 minutes a night! I hope I'll say something like -- "Oh no, I'm her mom. But I can see how you'd be confused. You were probably much younger when you had your children, and just aren't used to seeing a grown woman with babies." But I'll probably just smile and swallow it.