Thursday, February 19, 2009

Childrens Art

It has taken me many years to accomplish this. And by many, I mean over a decade. How embarrassing.

After one fun evening of the kids rummaging through their keepsake boxes I realized what great artwork has been hiding under my bed ... for ten years. This actually is a little misleading because we have moved many times, but after each move they again return to under our bed.

In any case, I have been scavenging thrift stores and clearance aisles for frames, and have come up with a cute collection of my children's artwork. Most of them ended up on the walls in Nolan and Emmeline's room. (Again, misleading because calling it Emmeline's room suggests she spends time in it, like at night, when in reality she is smack dab in the middle of our bed.)

I have more to finish off, but for the mean time they have really brightened the room (and given some balance to the existing Star Wars theme). Check back with me in another 10 and I might have them done!

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