Friday, April 10, 2009

We should all be so cute

"Idiosyncrasies of Emmeline"

* I love to be outside. When my mommy walks to the door holding me I pump my legs and get very excited.

* Thanks to my Daddy I have touched a kitty's whiskers. Now I squeal whenever I see Miss Tiger.

* My favorite food is peas. I do not like pears. My sister Megan is very good at feeding me. I will eat more if you let me have my own spoon. I need high chair, and soon.

* I do not like the car. I like to be out places, but not the getting there part.

* When I am very tired I will only nurse on the left side. And I do not like to nurse if Mommy has just taken a shower. Too soapy, too clean. Give me some body odor, Mommy.

* When I am crying sometimes "Itsy Bitsy Spider" cheers me up. Not just the first verse; all six from that book we have. You know, climbed up the kitchen wall, the rocking chair, the maple tree ...

* When my brothers and sisters are gone I like to look at their school pictures on the wall. I pump my legs and stare.

* I am very ticklish on my sides. Sometimes I laugh so hard I get hiccups!


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Lisa B. said...

She is so adorable! The squealing at Miss Tiger made me smile. One of my boys did the same when they were a babe.