Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunny weather!

Oh, Oregon's got it good with the weather this weekend! Like 99.9% of Portland-metros we dove right into an ambitious yard improvement project. This side of our house gets minimal sun and hardly any water in the summer, so we decided to make a path. Pavers are from Washougal. Progress so far? Five pavers.

Oh, but my kids had fun getting seeds in the ground. Chloe planted nasturtiums every where we could think of, and Nolan watered his peas. Suzanna and Megan planted bachelor buttons and zinnias. Brian, alas, bought corn seeds which we are having trouble finding the right spot for since they are supposed to be planted six wide, and four rows deep. Our yard just isn't that big! Well, maybe, if Tom would agree to lose the grass and turn the front yard into an organic garden, which is my heart's desire. But, I digress. Word has it the Easter Bunny may bring more seeds. And, no, I really don't like fake terra cotta planters; it's what we happen to have so we're using them. Close your eyes and imagine nicer ones.

Wait! Did we get a dog? Oh, nay, I say, not in this lifetime! "Tis the neighbor's dog! All the fun, none of the work!

Ah, homemade popsicles from Gatorade. Gatoradesicles?

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