Monday, April 6, 2009

Signs of Spring

I was indulgent today and took a long walk with Emmeline (who slept in her stroller because she was up last night with a horrific cold. Again. But that's another post altogether). I felt badly because there were so many other things which needed attention. But, exercise is good for us, right? And the rains return later this week.

This tree species is the bane of allergy sufferers city wide!

Quite an impressive trillium
Ok, this one cracked me up. These homeowners pay a lot of money for a crew to trim their hedge. This year they missed a branch!
Any ode to the changing of seasons cannot escape a comment about the up in laundry! This is from the weekend, and does not include clothes from teenage daughter and 12 year old son whose wash was completed before this round. I don't blame them -- the day starts out cold, then maybe they get wet ... or bloody ...can make several outfits for six kids.

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