Thursday, April 2, 2009

Growing kids

All six of my children are in a growth spurt right now. Consequently, they are also eating more.

Parents who cook for large numbers of children know of what I speak. It means boxes of cereal at breakfast; sandwiches, snacks, and bagels in lunches; a dozen muffins after school and a dozen huge tacos, vegetables and rice devoured at dinner; one gallon of milk, one loaf of bread, and one pitcher of orange juice per day. This is followed by ice cream at night. And baby is nursing so much I can hardly keep her full.

I know it's good for them and necessary. With three kids running track, and one playing indoor soccer as well, it is to be expected. Still, the food demand around here is mind boggling, and lately the more I cook the more they eat, with no left overs. Yet, I still hear "Mom, there's a famine!" and other remarks suggesting there is not enough food. I just feel I cannot keep up. I have invested time in finding particularly filling, heavy foods to serve along with my regular dishes. Recently when serving cheeseburgers I fried eggs and served them inside the bun on top of the beef. Anything to fill them up. Oatmeal and cheese (not together!) have become invaluable, as has the potato.

They're. Still. Hungry.

I always wondered how buffet style restaurants kept in business -- their food is low quality and frankly, not at all appealing to me. Until now. I might just drive these starving kids over to one and let them loose!

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