Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thank you, Francisco Jimenez

Recently I re-read Francisco Jimenez's book The Circuit then continued to read for the first time his subsequent books.  Readers, if these books have escaped your attention, they are inspirational and worthy of room in your bookcase.  

In other news, Emmeline is perking up after seemingly endless sickness.   First the stomach, then the ear, each bug taking its time to fully arrive and leisurely leave.  

Tiny rocks and toddler fingers

The bigger kids and dad took a quick trip to San Francisco.   Alcatraz was a huge draw.  They did not have RiceORoni.

Our spring break is soon.   Trying to decide if we should use our air miles and free hotel nights from work to go to southern California for three days ... or, wait until school is out in June and travel to Arizona for five days.   If you knew how wetcolddrizzlydiscouragingboringslow Oregon can be over spring break the dilemma would be clear.  Survive March?  Longer vacation?   Which will win?

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