Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Blog Gone?

'With it's depth cut short and its wording grown long,
 oh where oh where can it be?  La La La'

Yes, I do I realize the dog/blog play on words is probably only cute to someone (me) who sings nursery songs all day long.  It's the best I have going tonight...wit deficit.

Anyway, a lot's been going on dearest readers who have dwindled to almost none, because I am too busy to post and no one wants to visit sites no one updates.   No worries; I get it.

We had company, some of us went to San Francisco, Nolan was in nine performances of a musical, and I went to my first experience of high school conferences.   And kids and baby have been sick off and on -- hey, did you know the aftermath of nursing a runny nosed toddler looks a little like one's bosom is covered in fish scales?   I'm looking good these days, peeps, I'm looking good.

How to charm the world in animal print:

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