Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Work Ethic Supreme

This post has two facts you must know first:  It was trash collection day today, and my kids leave for school through the garage.  

After the last of my 'early kids' left, I meandered on, yes I did, into the garage to make sure the lights were off and to lower the garage door.  Imagine my shock to see a MAN IN THE GARAGE.   Readers, it was the trash collector who saw we had neglected to roll out our trash can.   He spied it in the garage, and was getting my trash can instead of skipping us!  

Can you believe what a nice thing that is to do?   If our trash doesn't get picked up, well, it's pretty snarky with the dirty diapers and all.   This man saved me!   

Ok readers, let's pay it forward.   Do something unexpectedly nice for someone, and let me know what it was!!!  (or don't let me know, since no one seems to like to comment, boo hoo.  Are you even there?)


Susan said...

Hi - I am here!

mendid said...

What a wonderful thing for him to do!! I think sometimes it's those little things (or not so little things if you have stinky diapers) that make or break your day. I'm betting this pretty much was a great start to your day!