Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Post that Wasn't

Every year for Christmas I make a particular Christmas bundt cake, heavy and dense with cream cheese, maraschino cherries, and more cream cheese.   It is my thing, and readers I don't have many things.   But not this year.  Nor are we having gingerbread, sugar cookies or peppermint squares decorated like cute presents (or smeared boxes). 

Our oven is broken, and has been for over two weeks.   Thaaaaaat's right, six kids and no oven.   The top works fine, and thus we have eaten our way through every stove top dinner recipe known to recipezar.  Before this I wasn't even sure what salsibury steak was. 
The repair man has cometh (after long bouts with waiting, calling, waiting, rescheduling, and his superb rendition of the characteristics of his SEVENTEEN DOGS) (I am NOT making that up) he said it would be a few weeks for the part to come in.  

From here I am supposed to ease into a charming description of the really important things about the holidays, and traditions which make our home glow with Christmas cheer.   And then I was going to post three cute pictures from our tree -- a popsicle stick baby Jesus with only one googly eye, and nostalgic handmade ornaments from preschool.   I was even going to present a little ode to preschool teachers and thank them for these hilarious charming heirlooms.

But, alas.   Somehow my brand new memory card (which I splurged on for my own self as an early Christmas present because you know it's for families memories, blah blah blah) popped out of my camera last Sunday.   Just decided to bail ship and jumped, apparently.   It was probably the taping of the baby running around -- it's quite dizzying.  And I haven't found it yet.

No pictures and no special food.  

Christmas will still come.

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Susan said...

Oh, no....! You didn't tell me! And you're right...Christmas will come. And there are cookies at the grocery store - gingerbread, too.