Monday, December 21, 2009

Oven Update, or we paid HOW MUCH for this appliance?

The oven is still not working, she wrote with a deeply furrowed brow.   Guess what?   (Loosely paraphrased from serviceman's explanation)  If the thingy sends the wrong message to "the board" the whole system implodes, and even though we have a replacement thingy, we really need the replacement board.  There was no way to know this until the appliance was nearly dissembled and the thingy was tried out.   The replacement board has to be sent in from out of state.   Because why would they have it here in Portland, where we bought the oven?


mendid said...

Oh my lands! I think I might just be tempted to buy a whole new oven to just get it over with. Let me guess, with the holiday and all this week, they can't get that part until sometime next week at the earliest?

Elizabeth said...

We're still hoping for the repair to be done Wednesday!