Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sleeping Beauty is a fairy tale

At a recent pediatrician's visit our beloved doctor asked how Emmeline's sleeping habits were. This picture immediately popped into mind:

She sleeps in the car. In fact, her recent pattern is to sleep for 20 - 30 minute stretches, three times a day. The last nap usually in the backpack - yes I wear it inside the house - while I make dinner or try to finish our ongoing landscape job. I have heard and read about mythic babies who looooove to sleep in their cribs for hours. I have never had one, and doubt if they really exist. I think they are urban legends designed to make busy moms feel guilty.

The obvious question here is: does she sleep well at night? Well, she stays in sleep mode for about ten hours, but that does not mean she sleeps continually. She wakes and nurses three to four times every night. Good grief it pains me to even type that.

Gotta go, baby just woke up!

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Jamie said...

I can sympathize (or is it empathize?). Hubs and I don't seem to produce good sleepers, either. My youngest especially hated her crib--I think she had some sort of Princess and the Pea Syndrome, the firm infant mattress being much too hard for her delicate preferences--but loved her pumpkin seat. Alas, she outgrew it quickly.

Neither of them slept through the night until at least age 2, and even then I'd be hesitant to call what they did "sleeping through the night without interruption at all."

Your little car/backpack sleeper really is a beauty though (those eye lashes! heavenly!), if not the most cooperative napper. :)