Saturday, July 4, 2009


We had hot weather last week and spent one late afternoon at a local public pool. Emmeline, after splashing for a long time, nursed and fell asleep on the chaise lounge (nursing an active baby whilst both clad in wet swimsuits is worthy of separate post).

What occurred after baby fell asleep was of questionable maternal judgment. This was not premeditated, but was instead a knee jerk reaction to having a husband handy to watch sleeping baby.

Ok world at large, there I am in a swimsuit. Ta da. I am checking to see if baby is still asleep. Even though Daddy is one foot away.

She IS still asleep! At this point I am seized with the utterly insane idea that rather than wade in the shallow end like every other mom aged 40 and over, I will go off the diving board. See me? Where is my neck? And that's quite a tan I have, eh? Too bad you can't see what that blue skirt does for my veins. I hope you like my leprechaun jig.

Dear Lord Almighty, what am I doing????

Yes, you have it here, folks, I did a flip. None of us could believe it, especially not that guy on the left in the grey swimsuit. The best part was the smile of surprise on my third grader's face -- he didn't know his old mom had it in her! He LOUDLY offered his support: "WOW GREAT FLIP MOM!" Not to be outdone, his sisters across the pool were scoring me by holding up fingers (and apparently, taking pictures).