Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Yesterday I made the mistake of taking three kids with me while shopping for clothes. Clothes for me.

It was ok if you overlook the baby squirming and occasionally crying. It was ok if you overlook how 85% of the time was spent looking at kids' clothes. And it was ok if you overlook how we ran out of time and I didn't buy a single thing for myself although five items were purchased.
It slipped into not okay when one of my kids innocently asked, "But Mom, why would you need nice clothes?"

Ah, steam roll the self esteem. The child of course was right; I don't need nice clothes. Glance at how I spent the day: made breakfast, cleaned kitchen, fed baby, got spit up on by baby, nursed baby, scrubbed bathroom while starting laundry, [insert shopping trip here] drove child to camp, picked up child, drove three other children to tennis and while waiting helped other child practice kicking soccer goals with baby in backpack. Stop at grocery store, home for more baby care, laundry, washing the kitchen floor, preparing dinner. Oh, and a little landscaping thrown in when I had spare time. Why would I need nice clothes, indeed?

I don't need nice clothes, but I need some clothes. I am tired of wearing husband's tshirts and long jeans in hot weather. Or skirts made to fit the waist with safety pins. My tops are stretched out at the bottom from lifting to nurse baby; I'll spare the description of the woeful state of my undergarments. I am ok in the shoe department, but it has been forever since I had two matching socks. My clothes are worn, dull, thread bare.

Readers, how do you manage buying things for yourselves? Do you justify a $35. shirt, or do you hope to find one acceptable at Target? Do you buy clothes if they look good on you, or do you wait for the best deal? Do you try them on before buying? What is the highest you have ever paid for jeans? I saw some for $240. yesterday. For jeans.

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Gretchen said...

Ouch is right! I remember being surprised when my mom came home from shopping one day with a bagful of new clothes for herself. It's sad.

I buy a lot of my clothes from Target and Old Navy. I usually look at the clearance racks, and I never try anything on. I've regretted that more than once, but sometimes I luck out.

The most I've ever spent on pants was about $80 and I was in HIGH SCHOOL. I could do that sort of thing back then and not feel guilty.