Monday, September 7, 2009


School is kicking my butt.

If I have to buy another item for school my head is going to explode. I cannot believe the number of items this FREE PUBLIC SCHOOL expects us to purchase. We are closing in on $2,000 for fees and required supplies, my friends. That does not include shoes, shin guards, hair cuts, clothes, etc. And it does not include lunch, which would add another $3,000 to the bill. Ridiculous.
My shopping highlight had to be yesterday, when most of America seemed to be in our JC Penny store along side the eight of us looking at shoes for one of my girls. It was hot. And crowded. We could not get anyone to help us for quite some time. Finally, while waiting for the right size shoe, the boys got agitated, and I could not blame them. Did I mention how hot it was, and suffocatingly crowded with peoples' rear ends all poking up as they bent to examine the shoes their beloved offspring were trying on? And what do you suppose baby was doing -- quietly sitting in daddy's arms? No. She was a squirming. squealing Godzilla baby, pulling boxes of shoes out everywhere. And to really appreciate that, you have to know the shoe aisles in this JC Penny are about two feet wide. And full of people and their rear ends.
Suddenly the boys exchanged words, and a tall cup of ice and water spilled all over the aisle, nearly reaching from side to side. Dad took them outside to get some fresh air, & we decided to buy daughter's shoes. As I swooped down to pick them up, a shortish sales person came out of the supply room with at least four boxes piled high. I didn't see her, she didn't see me, and in comedic talent I could not repeat if I wanted, I ka-powed right into her with the pent up strength of a mom too long in the children's shoe department. Shoes flew everywhere. I made a beeline outside and had DAD go back in to pay for them!

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