Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Love one another

I have a friend, a beautiful, attractive, well educated, accomplished, lovely friend whose husband of 20 some years filed for divorce. She has two daughters; it has been extremely unfair and difficult.

Recently I brought Emmeline into her store to pay my dear friend a visit and buy a book for my son. She stopped everything and sat down in her charming bookstore to play with baby. After nearly an hour of exploring the bookstore it was time to go. In my arms Emmeline sized up my friend eye to eye, and slowly leaned her head into her, resting it on her neck and cheek. Then, she reached for my friend, I let my friend take her, and they hugged for one long perfect moment. Emmeline clutched the back of my friend's shirt while my friend rubbed Emmeline's back.

We both had tears in our eyes; Emmeline's instinctive gesture was just what my friend needed. Human compassion in it's most basic form. How much better the world would be if we all showed such understanding to one another!

Who can you hug?