Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Timing is everything

Like many many internet families we have been hit with germs this month.  Again, and again.  And again.   Lady Irony has also been dancing around:   remember when Nolan couldn't take upper level math because of his cognitive skills test score of 93 (read about it here!) ?  This week he took the placement test for next year.

Now, Nolan is not a complainer.  So I stared at him extra long when he mentioned early in the week he wasn't feeling well.   I felt his neck extra long when he said he felt bumps in his neck.   Still he looked chipper and didn't slow down.   He did have a bit of a cough, though.

Well, the day he took the placement test he came home very tired.  And dark under the eyes, and coughing.  And feverish.  Guess what?   He had walking pneumonia.  That's right, the day he took this high stakes test he was in dire need of antibiotics and a soft bed.  
Emmie has been fighting her share of germies although you wouldn't know it:

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mendid said...

Oh NO!!!! Your poor son!