Thursday, March 25, 2010

Extreme Caution: Family Habitat

Yo, spring break moms, how's it going? Long week much? Rain, snow? Most years we stay in Portland. This year we had enough free tickets and hotel nights to actually GO somewhere. And, Palm Springs it was.

Extreme excitement.  Hyperactivity.  Lots of discussing suitcases.  Purchasing of sunscreen. Purchasing of swimsuits. And shorts. And watershoes.

I will shield your eyes, dear reader, from my thoughts on traveling with a still nursing on demand toddler (one word: waterpark), three hour lay overs, and how cranky retirees in Palm Springs do not find chirpy, expressive Emmeline cute. At all.

Rather, let's focus on the highlights, shall we?
Palm trees!!  82' heat!!!

Yes, we DID see a rattlesnake on the path!   How funny would it be to put something like that above our front door -- EXTREME CAUTION ...

Very neat palm oasis

Later at the zoo!
Emmeline's favorite?  The giraffes.  We viewed the badger, a first for us all.   I will never consider the Corgi the same; they look so alike!


How are you all spending spring break?   Cleaning closets?   Washing comforters?   Visiting interesting places?  

 Do tell!


joyinthejourney said...

Your family is precious. Thanks for visiting my blog and yes I'd be honored to be on your blog roll. I'm following you too!

My new pet peeve is old people being annoyed with small children when they're not even doing anything wrong!! It's like they(not all just some) are annoyed just because they exist. A few days ago the grocery the check out lady made a disgusted face because my 4 year old noticed and was talking about the elevator. He was being sooooo good...just talking. Really after my initial annoyed-ness, I just felt sorry for her. Didn't mean to go on but people being annoyed by your adorable daughter's chirpiness reminded me: )

Hannah said...

I stumbled on your blog somehow and have just spent an hour having great fun reading it - have giggled lots of times :) I'm all the way from New Zealand and don't have any kids (or a blog) yet - but I definitely want kids (and maybe a blog!) soon. Your family is simply gorgeous and I'm really enjoying reading about them! I will visit often! Hannah

Elizabeth said...

Aww, thanks ladies! You both made my day!