Monday, November 30, 2009

pocket change

Ahem. For those of you not in touch with public schools, let me tell you something: they are expensive. Just this week I got a request for (exact words here) "a small amount of $12." And please send $10. because there is a gift shop for shopping after their field trip. Excuse me, but should shopping and school be affiliated?

I also got an email asking for $10. for a class party fund. Odd, last year they collected about the same amount and parents were not told if the amount was fully used, if there was a surplus, or any information about the collected money. And, I don't think fifth graders need Winter Parties. I really don't! Make them stay on task until the verrrry last bell rings like we had it!

In fact, here is the low down of fees asked for in the last month:

$29. soccer coach gift, grade 3
$9. soccer trophy fund, grade 3
$12. aforementioned field trip, grade 3
$20. "minimum suggested" amount for soccer coaches gifts, grade 5
$24. soccer pizza party, grade 5
$30. soccer coaches gift, grade 7
$9. soccer pizza feed, grade 9
$10. soccer coaches gift, grade 9

And now ... our school foundation wants my family to donate $7,500 to help cover school expenses and "do our fair share." Yes, that is really seven-thousand-five hundred-dollars. I don't understand how they can ask this since public schools are free to the public. Yet every year the phone rings & they ask away...first they ask how your kids are doing, if they like the school year, then BAM, do you have 8K to spare?

Go ahead, call me Scrooge. Call me Cheap. Call me concerned that our school asks for money hand over fist, all. year. long. I insanely mentioned to the soccer mom collecting $20. from each of the 15 players seemed a lot, and she politely responded that $20. was the minimum amount she was collecting. Then in a later group email she specifically thanked the parents who gave more than $20! Someone has to bring up the fact that it's just too much money! Readers, what do you think? Have our public schools become too comfortable asking for money?

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mendid said...

I am just amazed that they can ask you for money. I teach at a public school and I can't even ask parents to donate even $1 for a classroom party much less money for a field trip, etc.