Thursday, January 15, 2009

Introduction... drum roll please!

Well, hi everyone! Time for official introductions! Cast of characters:

Elizabeth -- Mama. Mu-therrr. The Boss. Whatever the name, I'm it! Before our children were born I was a public school teacher -- 7th grade. Now I use my energies to raise our five children and one infant.

Tom -- All important husband and dad. Superstar Lawyer, all around insanely wonderful man.

Chloe -- 14 year old daughter. 8th grader.

Megan -- 11 year old daughter. 6th grader.

Brian -- 11 year old son. 6th grader. Approximately 28 minutes younger than Megan.

Suzanna -- 10 year old daughter. 4th grader.

Nolan -- Eight year old son. 2nd grader.

Emmeline -- baby girl, born in October 2008.

Location -- our 1942 era home in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest

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Gina said...

I have a little daughter in 6th grade too!