Sunday, January 18, 2009

Golden Key

Our neighborhood k-8 public school is great. Not just fine or adequate but really, really incredible. We have art, music, Spanish, and a plethora of before and after school classes. In the lower grades there are two classes, each with 13-16 students. Chloe's class had 16 students until seventh grade, with a total of 32 students in the entire grade. Now her 8th grade hovers at about 36.

One of my favorite teachers at our school is the art teacher. She is a dynamo woman with grown children of her own. Her classroom is removed from the other buildings, and is overflowing with clay, color, messy tables and smiling children. She is solely responsible for making my kids feel they are even the tiniest bit artistic.

Thursday night Tom and Chloe, pictured above on the left, went to an art awards ceremony where Chloe was acknowledged for winning two "gold key" awards for two paintings. She won a certificate, was called up to speak, and was given a free art class at a nearby art college. Wow!The great thing about being 14 is being still young enough to get uninhibitedly excited -- and it was rewarding to see her so proud of herself. Go, Chloe! Go, public schools!

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