Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pink and Purple Perspective

Longtime readers, you may remember my previous notes about shopping at Winco with toddleresque Emmeline.  

Things have improved.  No longer do I suffer her screaming fits and escapist maneuvers.   Mostly she is a delightful, singing little buddy who is fairly easy going.   I'm not to the point of shopping for set menus with her along, but it's markedly easier than ten months ago.

Today at Winco a hint of spring was in the air, as much as that is possible in Oregon in February.  Tulips and daffodils were for sale and the sun was peeked through the cloud masses.  Enchanted and somewhat dazed by the nice day I was shamelessly drawn to some pretty pastel Jordan Almonds in the bulk foods section.   Emmeline clambered about the pink ones, and I filled a bag to the tippy top, twisty-tied it off, and moved on to secure some Chex mix (by the way, Winco Chex mix is nothing like the real stuff).

Now, remember, at Winco one must bag their own groceries.  So there I was, bagging, bagging, and bagging away, up and over $200. worth, and suddenly I heard a swwwooooosh.  A weird sound, which I didn't immediately identify until I looked at Emmeline holding the bag that at one time contained Jordan almonds.  Ohhh Nooo!   At my feet were several hundred spinning, spring colored candies.

The cashier, of course, noticed the spill.  I cannot but see the hilarity in the situation and call out, "Clean up in aisle three!!!" hoping to lighten her mood.  Fail.  She instead lumbered off, returning with a broom & dustpan. Still amazed at the ridiculous sight of pastel almonds scattered near and far, I remarked with Emmeline how all the almonds fell out, which made her laugh, too.  Giggles and candied almonds everywhere.

A young man in the next aisle noticed the commotion and stooped to pick up almonds with me.   He, too, saw the humor and was an ever-cheerful clean up partner.  I was struck by how young he was; late twenties maybe.  

In my late twenties I would not have found hundreds of candies spilled by my own child's hand to have any humor in it.   I would have reeled with chagrin at my child's clumsiness.  Now, at over 40, I know there are so many things far more serious and worse than wasted Jordan almonds.

Perspective.  It's a good thing.


Scott said...

Your blog made our top 75 list of blogs by Portlanders! Congrats Elizabeth....can I send you a sweet badge?

Elizabeth said...

You betcha.