Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day

My husband is easy to please. For Fathers Day he wanted to find a park we had never been to, bring bikes and "softball" equipment (old Little Tykes bat and a wiffle ball), and spend the day enjoying each other. We also hunted for a gas grill to hook up on our deck, but alas the store with the best supply was *closed* and we will need to try again this week. Don't want you to think we skimped on his gift!!!!!

Stretching after the long car ride

Biking through a hazelnut grove


The path led to a beach on the Willamette River. We had the park to ourselves except for the Citizens for Artistic Interpretation group which was hosting, I kid you not, Medieval Day Activities. It was like we had driven into Sherwood Forest and were looking at Friar Tuck and Robin Hood. I actually find this soft of thing totally interesting and would have gone to participate in some jousting, etc. but my family thinks otherwise.

Luckily we dismounted before hitting the pebbles

Emmeline, Tom and Megan

Chloe, Tom and babe

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